Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Czech Republic for Holidays and Vacations


The Czech Republic has become a favorite tourist destination for many travelers who crave something of the traditional European tour path. The Oder River, one of Europe's most significant rivers, rises in the northeast, and flows north to the Baltic Sea. With a lack of natural lakes, reservoirs are important in the Czech Republic, most are artificial lakes formed in enclosed river valleys and there are over 125 in the country. There is clean water and the opportunity to play football or volleyball.

Reservoirs are of great importance for the purposes of water management in the Czech Republic. The most important of these are artificial lakes, which were mostly built in enclosed river valleys. There are 150 artificial lakes in the this country. There is of course a higher number (approximately 21,000) of fishponds, which form an inherent part of the Czech countryside.

Waters and mountains are the dominant elements that constitute the uniqueness and variety of the Czech Republic's terrain. Mountain ranges surround the country on almost all sides and have served as a natural border in the past. Some of Europe's largest rivers, e. g. the Elbe (Labe), have their origins in the Czech Republic. Here we can find springs with various mineral ingredients, acidulous spring water containing carbon dioxide, hot and even radioactive springs. It is above all the West Bohemian spas that for centuries have been a hot spot for visitors from all over Europe and further afield.