Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Liechtenstein for Holidays and Vacations

Liechtenstein officially the Principality of Liechtenstein is a doubly landlocked German speaking microstate in Central Europe. Liechtenstein is situated in the Upper Rhine valley of the European Alps and is bordered to the east by Austria and to the south and west by Switzerland.

Liechtenstein has many more rivers than lakes. The "Binnenkanal" canal and the Spiersbach and Samina rivers transport excess water away from the country. The "Binnenkanal" has the largest drainage area (117km²). Since completion in 1943 it has been used to transport the water that used to flow along the other rivers (except the Ruggeller Molibach) directly into the Rhine. The Samina has a drainage area of 50km² in the mountains, the Spiersbach has a drainage area of 11km² in the north of the country.

Rivers and lakes have always been and are still used for various different purposes. As well as providing water, they were employed as early as the Middle Ages to generate energy as well as to transport people and wood. It will be a great trip and lovely to visit the fourth smallest country in the world, Liechtenstein. And you will be having a perfect weather.