Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Mongolia for Holidays and Vacations

Mongolia is a landlocked unitary sovereign state in East Asia. At 1,564,116 km2, Mongolia is the world's 18th largest country. It is significantly larger than the next largest country, Peru.

Mongolia is landlocked between China and Russia. With 1,566,500 square kilometers, it is three times as large as France. This country covers about 2400 km from west to east and about 1260 km from north to south. Mongolia is a vast mountainous plateau sloping from west to east, 80% of spaces are above 1000 meters altitude. Its terrain consists of mountains and rolling plateaus.

Mongolia is dotted with hundreds of lakes, the largest being Lake Uvs Lake Khovsgol (2.620 km ²) and Lake Khar Us (1.852 km ²). The Orkhon (1124 km), the Kherlen (1090 km) and the Selenge (539 km) are the largest rivers.