Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Paraguay for Holidays and Vacations


The Republic of Paraguay is a country of some 5,300,000 inhabitants and occupies an area of 406.752 square kilometers. It is located in the heart of South America, surrounded by Argentina to the South, Brazil to the East, and Bolivia to the North. Its name derives from the Paraguay River which, together with the Parana and Uruguay Rivers, forms the Rio de la Plata Basin.

A landlocked country located between latitude 19º and 27º south and longitude 54º and 72º west of Greenwich. The Tropic of Capricorn crosses the country, and has a total area of 406,752 km2. The Paraguay River divides the country into two regions.


The lake is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Paraguay, with plentiful accommodations for tourists, including rental houses. The resort town of San Bernardino is a particular favorite. A shallow, marshy lake, Ypacarai reaches a maximum depth of approximately 10 feet.

Twenty streams and rivers feed into Lake Ypacarai, but only one river flows out of it. Near this outlet, a sizeable area of wetlands provides a habitat for lush tropical vegetation which can be seen growing out of the water. Lake Ypoa, the second largest lake in Paraguay, is located about 40 miles south of Asuncion. It is perhaps best known outside the country as the setting of the film "The Fish Child." Verdant flora and fauna grow in and around the lake. Lake Ypoa drains into the smaller Lake Vera.