Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Serbia for Holidays and Vacations


If you decide to spend a summer in Serbia, and you're tired of the crowds and lying in the sun on the beaches, we suggest that you should visit the Serbian lakes that are some of the most beautiful and most popular in Europe. The whole experience is absolutely fantastic. Rivers and lakes of Serbia offer magnificent possibilities for fishing, enjoying wonderful landscapes, but also for escaping the modern day city rush. Rivers and lakes of Serbia are the right destination for you if you enjoy fishing, birdwatching or you're simply looking for a getaway from hustle and bustle of big cities.

Much of Serbia slopes generally descend north toward the Danube and Sava Rivers and are drained chiefly by the Drina River, Kolubara, Morava, and Timok rivers and their tributaries. The northeast of Serbia is part of the fertile Danubian plain, drained by the Danube, Sava, Tisa, and Morava Rivers.

Lake Perucac and Vlasina lake are also among the largest artificial lakes in Serbia. The majority of natural lakes are found in Vojvodina, and Palic lake is the largest of them and most visited. Srebrno jezero and lake Ludas also attract numerous visitors. Rivers and lakes offer visitors all kinds of water sports sailing, rowing, kayaking and water skiing, while swift waters of the Drina, the Lim and the Ibar offer rafting and joining the regattas. They say that the waters are the eyes of a country. Serbia must have a twenty twenty vision. All seeing eyes.